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Just remember to keep your inventory and value of goods being stored up to date for insurance purposes.Please inform the store staff of any changes to the contents of your room. You can add your bank details within Check-in Online.VAT) for our storage rooms and 28 days of storage fees if you are a Flexi Office or Vehicle Parking customer. So when you move in you will need to pay for your first storage period.Insurance is dependent on the full new replacement value of your goods if you had to buy them again today.We will then print a Direct Debit Mandate for you to check and sign when you come to the store to move in.

Each store works with it's own local company that they have selected.We can help you fix up a phoneline and broadband if necessary.A selection of our stores also have separate offices that can also be rented.If you need it again, you can organise it over the phone. Access is restricted to our reception opening hours unless you have set up Extended Access Hours.Extended Access Hours are usually 5am to 11pm, but can alter depending on what the local council have given us permission for. This is usually 5am to 11pm and costs £10 every 4 weeks or £5 for a one off use of this service.

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